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Our team of experienced CFO's provide the judgment and expertise for mid-market companies to improve profitability and accelerate cash flow, develop practical shareholder value improvement plans, and manage their successful execution... 

....sophisticated financial management techniques adapted to middle-market companies as needed...

This site is designed to familiarize you with CFO Insight LLC, provide helpful guidelines and instruction about select financial and M&A management activities, and provide an M&A forum for executives to share questions and knowledge with other M&A executives. The site includes three sections:

  1. CFO Insight - About Us
  2. CFO Financial Management (Analytic approaches and practical tips for CFO's)
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions (Analytic approaches and practical tips for executives responsible for the operations side of M&A... due diligence and integration activities...).
We will periodically write "Practical Tips for  the CFO" and "Practical Tips for the M&A Executive" and include them in the respective site pages "CFO Financial Management" and "Mergers & Acquisitions" in the main menu.

Excerpts of such "Practical Tips..." can be found on the home page, top right, with a hot-link directly to the complete article.

...for additional information.

Gendron's Prep-For-Sale Book: "Cashing Out @ Full Value" now available on Amazon.

Family owned and/or middle-market company executives, often inexperienced in preparing a company for sale, sell a company at a discount when compared to one ‘prepared for sale.  This book describes the journey to ready a mid-sized company for sale.

Complimentary instructional videos are now available on the CFO Insight LLC YouTube Video channel.  The videos describe the simple tactics that can significantly increase the value of your Company. 

Discussion with Mike Gendron

  The following links will provide access to Video Blogs discussing "Cashing Out @ Full Value".  The sessions range in length from 4-12 minutes and discuss specific aspects of 'Prep for Sale' - actions that will make your company more valuable and more marketable in any competitive situation.

1.  Introduction to "Cashing Out..."
2.  Your Company - a Complex Array of Components & Functions
3.  Strategy - the Key to Your Future
4.  "Gimme Five" - a Tactic to Consider Throughout "Prep for Sale"
5.  "Management Reporting - Key to Achieving Company Goals"
6.  "People - Organization, Personnel & Culture"
7.  "Outside People & Organizations"
8.  "Cashing Out & Process Improvement"
9.  "Improve Business Process...Improve Business Valuation"
10.  "Prepare Those Tangible & Intangible Assets"
11.  "Product & the Impact on Company Value"

Gendron's "Preserve the Value"  book  now available on Amazon.

This is a novel describing the process and challenges of merging a business acquisition. The middle-market company is acquired by a British firm, and must merge critical functions in a short time to avoid destroying value. The book explores challenges in each of the functions (R&D, Manufacturing, Sales/Marketing, Finance, HR). Checklists and templates are placed throughout the book to acquaint buyers with the M&A environment, risks and time pressure of an acquisition
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