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Background & Business Activities

CFO Insight LLC is a virtual team of experienced CFO's who have led finance organizations in both public and private companies with annual revenues ranging from $10 million to more than $1 billion, including "Business Week's Hottest Growth Companies in America."   The team has managed business reorganizations, restructuring & refinancing, public offerings and high-growth business activity.  This extensive experience is provided to mid-market companies who need the expertise, but have limited resources and don't require a full-time permanent employee.  The ultimate in Lean Business - use our experts when needed, as needed.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, our goal is to serve the needs of commercial business - manufacturing, services, distribution, health care - with annual sales ranging from about $20 million to more than $200 million.  Our team of CFO's has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing, services, mergers & acquisitions, and international operations in both public and private companies, in industries such as FDA regulated, electronics, health care, distribution, and services.  Our executives have worked across the globe, including Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

Our services include CFO and senior financial management advisory services, strategic planning, and mergers & acquisition support, such as business Due Diligence review and M&A integration.  In mergers & acquisitions, our services complement M&A experts such as Investment Banking, Legal and CPA accounting experts, as we counsel company executives about the operational aspects of M&A that will improve the transaction success.

Management Team

Michael P. Gendron leads the CFO Insight LLC team.  Mike has extensive global experience, including CFO of both public and private companies ranging in size from $40 million to more than $1 billion annual revenue, and most recently was a partner with the largest national organization of CFO's.  Mike has trained in Lean Business, and has adapted the CFO Insight LLC practice to the key element of Lean - use exactly the right resource for the task at hand.  The CFO Insight LLC team of experts have led all aspects of financial management throughout their long and successful careers.  CFO Insight LLC team members have a minimum of 20 years experience, and have been trained in environments including Fortune 500, and Big-4 CPA firms.  

Mike is the author of several business books discussing International Operations, Mergers & Acquisitions, and E-Business, and is a frequent speaker on these topics.  He has also written numerous articles, and participated in radio and TV shows.
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