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Strategic Planning Guidelines

Strategic planning is the foundation of a successful highly competitive business.  A well prepared strategic plan challenges the status quo, using available information inside and outside the company, applied by the company executives and business professionals.  In a mid-market company, an effective strategic plan can be prepared in a few weeks by focusing on the critical issues and analyses.  It is not a full time process during those weeks, but one that allows the executives to fulfill their daily responsibilities.  The plan process, outlined below, will facilitate preparation of a concise strategy, considering the key elements of business risk and opportunity.  The plan will reflect stakeholder goals, assessment of people, organization structure, critical business processes, and facilities.  When completed, the plan should document the economic and competitive environment, a baseline plan, contingency plans, and value improving programs that assign responsibility and accountability.  The finished plan will include P&L's, Cash Flow and a Balance Sheet.

When completed, the ideal plan will be no more than 20+- pages, with quarterly performance targets for the upcoming year, and annual performance goals and programs into the future... for example, a forecast period totaling up to 3-5 years.