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Integration - Day One

Day One is a critical time during any transition.  All those involved with both companies seek information to understand the impact on their lives and organizations as quickly as possible.  Day one not only affects the acquired company, but also the buyer and all significant people, processes, and plant/assets at either company.  Day one requires some immediate guidance to organizations and people who have a vested interest in the transition.

Review all People, Processes and Plant/Assets to identify actions requiring immediate attention.  People issues are often the most important issues to consider ... payroll, insurance, governance, approvals levels, reporting relationships, commissions, bonuses, and other fringe benefits.  People also includes customers and vendors (...outsourcing...) who may need communication to avoid service disruption.  Change as little as possible on day one, to avoid confusion, but still maintain the relationships.  

Certain processes may also require immediate attention - e.g. government approvals, licensing, cash flows and banking assignments.  Once again, don't change a process on day one, unless essential.

Plant/Assets include cash, and intangibles, such as contracts and intellectual property - owned or leased.  Cash is often the most important immediate need.

Plan day one activities in the context of what is essential, and then schedule other activities on a priority basis to achieve the strategic objectives.