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Lean Business

This is the first of two templates that briefly describe the Lean Business Principles.  Every process can be analyzed using Lean Principles.  Simply Flowchart the entire process, review every step to ensure that each action is a 'value added' activity, document the process so that the process can be shared with others and referenced when required.  Once documented, you have the tool necessary to train others on the company staff.  Ideally, you will use the tools to cross-train others in critical tasks.  Once participants are trained, implement the procedures and measure the results.  Ideally, the organization will continuously improve the process.  As improvements are made, review the entire process using the same steps - flowchart, optimize etc.  As you review your business, every element of the Value Chain should be considered, since it is the business process that should be optimized, not just an individual task or function.  When done properly, every element of you balance sheet and P&L should be considered, by every component of your organization.  If there is nothing outside the Lean Business Review, you will develop and maintain a highly competitive business that can more easily adapt to changes in the environment.